29 Oct

Find the Perfect Pull-up Bar for Your In-Home Workout

If you’re looking to start vigorously working out your upper body, all while in the comfort of your own home? Then a pull-up bar is what you need. Pull-up bars are not only practical and easy to use, but are also relatively cheap for the services they provide. But which bar is the right one for you? That’s what you will be figuring out today.

The doorway pull-up bar.

Doorway pull-up bars  are the most popular style to use, as they are at glance, the most safe barto use, as it uses the leverage from the door frame to support the user. And because of the fact that the bar is using leverage to support itself, that means no nails or screws or any sort of permanent installation(though it is important to make sure the structure of the door can actually support the bar and the user). Most doorway pull up bars will come with multiple grips, but make sure that they have padded points of contact with the door frame to prevent damage to walls and the door frame.

The extending door frame pull-up bar.

The extending door frame pull-up bar does exactly what implies, extending between the frame outwards to fit the frame. The extended door frame pull-up bar is easily one of the cheapest, most portable, and easy to install bars. They can even come to as little as 15-30 dollars! The bar itself extends from either end to the doorway, typically up to 3 feet wide. There are also rubber pads at the end of each side to create tension to prevent the bar from sliding down when the user uses it. While it is easy to move around and is the easiest bar to set-up, it is highly recommended to also purchase a bracket with the bar itself to prevent it from sliding or falling off during a workout session.

Things to consider about pull-up bars.

Pull-up bars are so useful and cheap that they are pretty much a necessity when it comes to a regular workout routine. Pull-up bars are made to target your arms, shoulders, back, lats, even your hands and chest for strength training. And if you’re really trying to get a good workout, you can even do leg raises while pulling up to work your abdominals. Some people may also be afraid to use them for safety purposes, but that’s not worry, as many support at least 300 lbs of weight. The variety in pull-up bars is vast, so it is difficult to proclaim just one as the best, as many have multiple handles or grips to use, though the most effective bar style to use is the doorway mounted pull-up bar.

In the end, there are a vast amount of options when it comes to finding and purchasing the right pull-up bar that suits you and your in home work-out. But it’s important to remember that the bar does not make the user, the user makes the user. That means you still have to put in that hard work and effort to get that sculpted mass of muscle.

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