20 Apr

When Is the Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar a Good Choice?

So you are interested in adding to your home gym and want to buy a pull-up bar. As you are choosing between the mounted bars or the free-standing, here are the factors which might make the free-standing pull-up bar stand the right choice for you.

The free-standing pull-up bar is sensible choice for your home gym if you:

  1. Are expecting additional people to make use of the bar at one time. If you have a group that you do home workouts with (like a mom’s group) or like to workout with your spouse—the free-standing pull-up bar will have enough room to provide you that opportunity.
  2. Enjoy a climate this really is suitable for working out outdoors. Needless to say if you wouldn’t opt for run on account of the weather conditions for several months a year, you certainly won’t want to install a free-standing pull-up bar outside because you would be much less likely to use it if there are several inches of snow on the ground.
  3. Want your bar to have multiple uses. This type of piece of equipment is ideal for a home gym if you want to do more than just the traditional pull up with the bar. You could easily attach resistance bands, a TRX, gymnastics rings and much more. With one of these simple additions, you will be multiplying the number of exercises that you can do on your bar. Not to mention, you will be able to easily modify the pull up if you need to.
  4. Don’t have room for a gym “in the house”. In case you don’t have a garage or fitness room to mount the pull-up bar, putting up one outside is a terrific solution. When my husband and I lived on an Army post, there were a few houses on our street (without garages or home gyms) that simply installed the bar in the backyard.
  5. Don’t ever want to worry that you mounted the pull up improperly (into the ceiling or wall) and that it may well come tumbling down! It may sound weird, but regardless that we were incredibly careful with our Stud Bar pull-up bar when we installed it into ceiling (into a stud), but I still slightly worry when I hear it making even a tiny sound.

In conclusion, the free-standing pull up bar is a wonderful decision if you are intending to remaining in your home for the near future. Needless to say it doesn’t honestly seem sensible to put it into your ground, only to have to dig it up from the ground in a just a little while. Should you be settled in your home and are also hunting for an ideal piece of home gym workout equipment, the free-standing bar is an effective choice.

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