20 Apr

Pull-Up Bars – How One Can Help You Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, and Find Health

Pull ups are a wonderful way to sculpt the muscles of your back. They require a tremendous amount of upper strength just to complete one rep. In order to do pull-ups you are going to need some kind of a pull-up bar. The marketplace today has all kinds of different types of pull-up bars to choose from. Deciding what type of pull-up bar that is right for you don’t have to be a hard decision. In this article, I am going to give some info on the various types you can choose from.

Doorframe pull-up bars have become very popular and are wonderful for quick and easy set up. While choosing a doorframe pull-up bar there are different types that install to the doorframe differently. The iron gym type of pull-up bar for the door is personally my favorite one. In this model you don’t have to worry about screwing anything into the frame of your door, therefore you don’t have to worry about messing the finish up or anything like that. This style of pull-up bar hangs over your door from the leverage of your own bodyweight, it is a very safe and effective pull up bar to choose.

Remember, before you purchase this style of pull-up bar to measure your doorframe. Most of these styles of pull-up bars offer more exercises that you can perform other than just your typical pull up. Push-ups, sit ups, hanging leg raises, and dips are some of the different exercises you can do on these types of pull-up bars. The price ranges are $30-$60 in most online stores you visit. You can also purchase adjustable doorframe pull-up bars. These install in the actual doorway instead of hanging above you like the previously model discussed. Adjustable pull-up bars are nice because of the fact that you can indeed adjust them to fit different types of doors.

The only problem is most of them requiring you to screw in door brackets to hold it in place. Not all of the time, but sometimes the brackets can mess the finish up on the doorframe. With the adjustable pull-up bar you can only perform the pull up and no other type of exercise. The adjustable pull up bar prices range from $20-$50 at most online stores. Whatever style of doorframe pull up bar you may choose make sure it has foam padding on the bar. The foam padding adds stability to your hands when they become wet.

Pull up bar stations or also know, as Power Towers are another good choice. Stations take up more room of course than your typical doorframe style, but if room isn’t a problem they are excellent. You don’t have to worry about destroying your doorframe if you choose this style of pull up bar. Although these aren’t as portable, they are just as good as the doorframe models. Just like the hanging pull-up bars you can perform different exercise on these stations as well. Performing dips on the station is far more superior to the doorway pull up bar style.

While performing hanging leg rises you will have a nice padded back to support you. These nice extra features aren’t a must but they do add more depth and comfort to some of the exercises. The price ranges are $70-$450 at most online stores. The cheaper ones are OK if you are tight for money. Higher priced units will be built with a lot more sturdy steel, and you will more than likely feel safer on them. Those are the different styles of pull-up bars that are on the market today.

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